[TUTORIAL] 7 Steps to Closing the Deal by Comedian Kenny Brooks


Comedian Kenny Brooks used to sell a cleaning product door-to-door. Then one day someone got him on camera so that you could steal his secrets…

Step 1: Quick Intro & Name Drop Neighbors


They say that you only have 5-10 seconds to make a 1st impression. Better act quick!

Step 2: Demonstrate the Product


If you have a product, a demo helps. Or you can describe your service to build value.

Step 3: Get the Product in their Hand


Getting people to hold or touch your product get them to pass a psychological barrier. Also getting physically close (in an appropriate way) and getting them to physically move breaks down barriers and moves you closer to the sale.

Step 4: Don’t Forget to Smile


Never hurts to win friends and influence people. 🙂

Step 5: Build Value


Down to the nitty-gritty: explain features and benefits. Help them realize they need it!

Step 6: Overcome Objections!



Step 7: Close the Deal


ABC: always be closing! You’ve got to ask them to buy. Close the deal, win a new friend!

Here’s the full video for your viewing (and educational) pleasure:

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