[SLIDESHARE] 13 Words that Sell for Door to Door Salespeople

selling words

This Slideshare from HubSpot Sales blog explains 13 words that sell.  As a salesman or woman, words are your weapons. Use them well! Words that Sell from HubSpot Our Reaction: It starts off with “You.” You are solving your prospect’s problems, and he wants to hear how you can do that. You’ve probably heard the expression […]

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The 5 Secret Ways of Keeping Your Sales Reps (Or Yourself) Motivated

motivating door to door sales

Door-to-door sales is an emotional rollercoaster. The thrill of getting a sale is balanced by the frustration of constant rejection. So keeping motivated can be a challenge, even for the pros. Here’s several ways to keep the reps you manage, or yourself, motivated. Hire Great People, Fire Bad Ones In the best-selling business book Good […]

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3 Smooth & Funny Sales Pitches from the Movies


These super smooth and amusing sales pitches from the movies will get your inner sales guy prepped and ready to go! Pitch #1 Wolf of Wall Street Phone Pitch This pitch is super smooth and has great emotional emphasis (even if it isn’t the most honest). Pitch #2 Tommy Boy Learning to Overcome Rejection Overcoming the “no’s” […]

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Sales Rabbit Officially On Google Play Store


Sales Rabbit has had a big a month and hit a milestone as a company. The greatest part about this… You get to take part in Sales Rabbit History. We have officially launched the premium door-to-door and canvassing app on the Google Play Store. We know Android lovers are jumping for joy as they’re reading […]

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The Underappreciated Power of Referrals

referrals title pic

Referrals are beautiful yet sometimes forgotten in our industry. Not forgotten in the sense of hearing the word (you probably hear ‘referrals’ often), but forgotten in the sense of actually taking action to get the golden ‘R’ word. Like it or not, referrals are the most powerful, yet overlooked and underappreciated way to get sales. […]

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