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Visually understand how and where sales professionals are using time

 Gain Insights that allow you to lead, train and guide your sales team to new sales records

  • See where reps are currently and historically during work hours
  • Display a unique profile image rep by rep on a map representing their location
  • Auto Geo and date stamps their location
  • Filter rep by rep for date ranges to isolate location instances
  • Quickly decipher between old and new location with fading location stamp

Be informed and help lead sales members to create their personal best records by understanding how and where reps are prospecting. Monitor their lead creation by the hour and determine opportunities for recognition or improvement. Track behaviors of best in breed sales people and use that data to reveal best practices and determine what you will need to train on. Get visual insights in the map view, filter out certain teams or individuals to see last week, or certain days activities.

Know where the lead setters are and help closers to show up to hot appointments. Encourage confidence in reps by being able to know what area they are working in if any safety issues arises. Create team accountability and grow your sales culture by bringing transparency to how the team is working.


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