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Be a digital organization with electronic agreements

 Improve the experience, shave cost, and automate data entry

With the SalesRabbit platform, your reps and customers can zip through a sales transaction by using paperless agreements: e-contracts! Physical, paper contracts can be a real pain. Papers take up space, and can easily become crumpled, disorganized, or misplaced. Not only that, but managers and the rest of the company don’t have access to that paperwork until reps turn it in at the end of the day. As a sales tracking app with electronic contracts, SalesRabbit makes your paperwork easy. When you and your reps use e-contracts, you can:

  • Access automated forms and contracts
  • Capture customer signatures
  • Send a copy to the customer via email automatically
  • Rely on built-in security encryptors
  • Sync paperwork with the home office/entire company
  • Customize contract guarantees, terms and conditions, cancellation information, etc
  • Minimize transaction time

By going paperless, sales companies avoid the hassle of handling and tracking down papers. This eco-friendly alternative also saves your company the costs that come from purchasing reams of paper. In addition, your customers love e-contracts as much as your employees! Because e-contracts are efficient and impressive, customers feel sophisticated and modern signing their name electronically. The e-contracts’ security encryptors also help customers feel safe when providing personal information.

The SalesRabbit team has generated many default e-contracts for a variety of industries. We continue to create more as new industries rely on our sales tracking app and software. Get in touch with our team to learn how your company can incorporate e-contracts into their sales process!

Be a digital organization.


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