With Sales Rabbit’s convenient Sales Tools section, you can organize your sales presentation materials electronically, in one easy place! Closing a sale is the part of the sales process where most reps get stuck. When your reps sell with a tablet and a branded company sales app, they look profession and gain instant credibility. Not only that, but with all of their sales materials immediately accessible in Sales Tools, your confident reps will navigate through their presentation with finesse and ease.

The Sales Tools options allow you to upload whatever your sales process requires!

This could include:

  • Videos
  • Sales presentations
  • Equipment Descriptions
  • Diagrams
  • Pricing Guides
  • Complete customization of materials

Industry-Specific tools include:

  • Sketch Board
  • Goal Tracker
  • Bill Calculator
  • Pest Index
  • Package Selector
  • Text, email, and phone call capabilities

The Sales Tools section is fully customizable for your company. Being able to upload your materials at will makes it easy to switch outdated materials with up-to-date versions. No longer do managers have to print out new materials and distribute them to individual reps! With Sales Rabbit, you can upload the new materials straight to the app, and your employees have instant access to it!

Sales Tools modernizes and simplifies the sales process for your reps. With a sales tools app, you pave your reps’ way towards bold presentations and increases in sales!

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