With Sales Rabbit’s versatile platform, the sales information you enter from your mobile device can easily integrate with whatever backend system you use to manage customers. Many companies’ sales process involves team members entering data twice: from their notes, to an electronic system, or from one system to another. Logging information multiple times is a hassle, and creates room for errors as you transfer data. Your company can’t afford small errors, or the extra time required to log information a second time (or third time, or fourth time). Eliminate this unnecessary step in your process with Sales Rabbit! Whether you’re using a published back-end like salesforce or using your own custom back-end, we can integrate!

When Sales Rabbit integrates with any back-end, it allows customer data to flow seamlessly at the time of sale from your mobile device into your database back-end. Sales Rabbit’s smooth integration process shortens the time required to process a sale, ensuring more accurate data entry and company efficiency. Sales Rabbit allows you to sync sales information with fellow reps, or the entire company, guaranteeing that everyone stays in the loop and views accurate information.

As Sales Rabbit automatically syncs data throughout the day, your team also receives real-time updates on Leaderboards. Our world class sales tracking system with Leaderboards shows off reps’ successes and keeps your employees geared towards common goals.

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