When using the Sales Rabbit platform, our robust Dashboard is where all customization and management takes place. As the central hub for the Sales Rabbit system, the Dashboard is where you modify your system account to best represent your company and function according to its needs.

On the Sales Rabbit Dashboard, managers can:

  • Collect and manage all HR paperwork
  • Brand the app for your company with logo and accent colors
  • Create reports
  • Customize reports to your company
  • Select which company statistics to calculate
  • View all reps’ leads and customers


When talking with leads, pulling up a company-specific app generates instant credibility for your reps. A branded app makes your business appear prominent and modernized. With this professional branding, your reps will carry themselves with confidence as they navigate through a face-to-face sales process. Customize the app’s appearance in the Dashboard until it fits your company perfectly!

As the home for all of your HR paperwork, rep statistics, and customer lists, the Dashboard streamlines the workload of managers and business owners. Organizing paperwork electronically in one simple place eliminates the fear of misplacing important documentation.

With the Sales Rabbit Dashboard, company owners can cut down time spent on cumbersome paperwork, and instead use their valuable time directing their sales team, where they are most needed! Having the time to guide, train, and encourage reps allows managers to take on the role of a true leader—one that reps know they can turn to if they need help. Sales Rabbit allows managers and owners become that solid backbone that their company relies on.

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Sales Rabbit Dashboard