The Rep Management section of the Sales Rabbit platform provides managers with optimum flexibility. It guarantees managers visibility into their reps’ workdays: from the number of doors they knock to their closed sales.

Within Rep Management are two powerful sections: Area Management, and User Tracking Location. Both are sales mapping software engineered to connect your team, and simplify managers’ and owners’ workloads.

Area Management & Rep Management

The Area Management section allows managers to create area assignments for each of their reps. With Area Management, you can:

  • Draw out areas on your phone or tablet
  • Assign areas instantly
  • Organize by color coordinating reps’ assignments
  • View live reports on reps’ area progress
  • Oversee numbers of contacts and leads produced

Area Management

The best part about Area Management? It can be operated from anywhere! Managers can check in on their team at any point of the day from their mobile device. This means managers can be in the office, in the field, or running errands while still staying connected with their team.

An additional benefit the Area Management feature is being able to identify how to best help your reps. If a rep isn’t selling well, Area Management can identify how many doors have been knocked, people talked to, or appointments the rep has set. This sales mapping software allows managers to pinpoint exactly where a rep is struggling so they can provide them with guidance.

User Tracking Location

The User Tracking Location section allows managers and owners to view reps current location. Check in on your reps to see updated information on how much area your reps have covered. User Tracking Location helps managers assess productivity at any point during the day.

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