Here at Sales Rabbit, we aim to provide invaluable tools that revolutionize how sales teams function. Our development team works on creating new features for the app and platform everyday! As former salesmen ourselves, we know what tools are necessary to facilitate sales experiences and company cohesiveness.

Popular features on our sales rep app include:

  • Podcast video portal
  • Training video module
  • Goal Tracker
  • Team email and text management
  • HR management module
  • Employee document management
  • Paycheck history
  • And much more!

With Sales Rabbit’s features, your sales team has everything they need to stay connected and at the top of their game—even when they’re spread throughout different areas. Sales Rabbit makes the job easier for both reps and managers! Keep unified with Goal Tracking, and ensure reps stay motivated through similar training.

As a valuable sales rep app, Sales Rabbit’s primary features are Lead Management and Rep Management. These robust features help reps keep track of leads, and managers keep track of reps! With GPS user tracking, managers can assign new areas to their reps, and check in on their progress throughout the day. Reps feel empowered too, with a dynamic lead organization system at their fingertips.

Sales Rabbit’s additional features enrich the platform’s basic functionality, making it the ideal door to door sales app for any industry. Use additional features to make Sales Rabbit a perfect fit for your company!

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