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A robust communication tool that brings order to texting

Share incentives, corporate updates, pictures, locations, and provide team chat and recognition in an orderly and simple way. Contained in SalesRabbit is a robust messaging tool that allows you to communicate with who you want to message in your organization. Move work conversations out of your personal text thread and into SalesRabbit where you can organize all your texting conversations into channels or threads by topic. Enjoy order by tapping to create groups and quickly add any individual in the organization. Sort your communications by a particular job, customer, prospect, or group of sales people. Bring orderly communication to your offices or branches by easily creating new group communications with your existing users within SalesRabbit.


Simplify your life with these great features:

  • Access a team or company roster with contact details
  • Tap to create new threads with individuals or groups
  • Name text threads by topic or channel
  • Send pictures or files from camera or photo library
  • Quick tap your location to an individual or group
  • Share or read company news in a separate news column
  • Separate and contain work conversations where they belong

Reduce requests for contact records or phone numbers from employees needing to communicate with other employees, let the shared corporate address book manage that. Enjoy less chatter, and annoying requests for contacts. Let your sales people self solve questions by depending on the group chat where they can post questions, pictures and share insights as they are prospecting and selling. Help new reps learn quicker by providing a thread for them receive training updates and corporate bulletins. Use group chat to immediately send a message to the entire company informing them of policy changes and updates.


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