Using the Sales Rabbit platform, the Lead Management section provides reps with seamless organization and tracking of leads. Without the appropriate sales tracking software, reps lose leads all the time. This isn’t because they are sloppy, but because they don’t have the tools to keep track of them. Give your reps the tools to be successful! Lead Management assures that you never lose a prospect.

By accessing their ‘Leads List’ within the Lead Management section, your reps have total visibility to any lead that has ever been entered in. Filter your leads based on current location, appointment time, or level of interest all from your phone or tablet!

Lead Management’s powerful features allow reps to:

  • Capture a lead’s information (name, phone number, email, address, etc)
  • Rank each lead based on their level of interest
  • Drop pins on houses/businesses to track lead status
  • Call, text, or email leads directly from the app
  • Auto-populate local addresses using GPS, and quickly access turn-by-turn directions to your appointment
  • Track current location
  • View lead lists
  • Filter all leads
  • Receive notifications of appointments

Lead Screen Shot1

Sales Rabbit understands how reps are most needed and powerful out in the field. With the right sales tracking software, reps can maximize time spent doing what they do best: making sales! Lead Management facilitates that by taking charge of the small, troublesome details that come with tracking leads. Never forget a lead or miss an appointment again!

Empower your reps to get their job done!
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