Using the Sales Rabbit platform, the members of your sales team can stay connected, up-to-date on company activity, and motivated with the Leaderboards feature! Without the proper systems, reps can feel isolated when out knocking doors. Feeling out of the loop with the home office or the rest of the company deals a real blow to overall team morale. When morale is low, performance is low, and sales rates drop.

With Sales Rabbit’s Leaderboards, you’ll never again have a disjointed team with disjointed goals! The Leader Boards’ sales tracking system helps you create, deploy, and manage reports for your company.

The Leader Boards tools allow you and your reps to:

  • Consolidate pertinent company statistics (number of doors knocked, closure percentage, people contacted, etc)
  • Calculate success rates
  • Customize reporting tools
  • View live reports on reps and company activity
  • Rank reps by success rates

A Sales Tracking System with Leaderboards

Reporting is at the foundation of any sales company. Sales Rabbit’s sales tracking system makes the process simple and efficient. With instant, up-to-date reports, just select the statistic you want to view on your phone or tablet, and let Sales Rabbit do the rest!

Not only do Leaderboards connect your team, but they spur individual members to peak performance. Leaderboards identify your team’s top salesmen. The feature’s engaging, game-ified atmosphere drives your reps to compete for the top spot! Seeing their standing helps your employees feel like they are a piece of a unified whole, and aligned with team objectives. Excite your employees to make personal improvements for an overall boost in team success!

Let the games begin!
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