Lead Management

Lead Management takes charge of your list of sales leads so you never forget a lead again! Categorize leads by level of interest, and use pins to track lead status. Receive appointment notifications, and contact leads directly from the app!

Rep Management

With Area Management and real-time rep tracking features, managing your sales reps has never been easier! Draw out and assign areas to your reps from your mobile device. Get instant updates on their success and efficiency rates!

Leaderboards and Reporting

Sales Rabbit’s dynamic leader boards calculate the success rates of individual reps with live statistics. Identify your top sellers, and encourage your whole team to peak performance!

Sales Tools

Upload whatever you need to make a killer sale presentation: videos, diagrams, pricing guides, and more! See our industry-specific tools that will help your reps close sales!

Paperless Agreements

Integrate e-contracts to modernize your sales process! Customers love the simplicity and sophistication of signing their names electronically. Welcome to the future!


The Dashboard is the central hub of the Sales Rabbit App. Personalize the app to your company by selecting accent colors, and more. Having an app branded with your company’s logo establishes instant credibility among your clients!


The Sales Rabbit platform was built to integrate with whatever backend system you use to manage customers. Allow customer data to flow seamlessly into your website backend, and eliminate duplicate data-entry time!

Other Solutions

See various other features of the Sales Rabbit App, such as Goal Tracker, Paycheck History, and the Podcast Video Portal! Our development team continues to create new sales management tools for the app everyday!