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Reduce double entry

Push lead details into One Stop Portal

Credit Check

Prepare leads for a credit check within One Stop Portal


Pass notes from SalesRabbit directly to a lead profile in One Stop Portal


Send appointments to One Stop Portal

Lead Status

Update lead statuses in One Stop Portal

About SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit is the go-to option for security companies looking to cut operating costs and give their teams every tool they need to succeed. Sales teams can now move faster than ever as they import and map target leads and digitize the contract process.

One Stop Portal Features

Integrate this affordable and robust alarm CRM with SalesRabbit to eliminate double entry and simplify importing and exporting data between softwares. Simply select the leads and info you want to move automatically from SalesRabbit to One Stop Portal. You can also:

• Run credit

• Place systems in test, service mode or activate accounts

• Register cell units

• Integrate with central stations Alarm.com and Alarmnet

• Retrieve zone information

• Track inventory, payroll, and funding

• Utilize service call and technician dispatching

Experience the best of both solutions on one phone call and demo

Combine 1Stop Portal and SalesRabbit and immediately accelerate your entire alarm sales program

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