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Eliminate double data entry

Enables reps to go faster by eliminating the need for double entry for leads.

Lead Sync

Leads are instantly synced to MarketSharp enabling your office staff to process them quickly.

About SalesRabbit

Enables reps to go faster by eliminating the need for double entry for Leads.

Leads are instantly synced to MarketSharp enabling your office staff to process Leads quickly.

SalesRabbit serves as a one-stop-shop for your reps so they can focus on getting more leads and setting up more appointments through eliminating double entry with the MarketSharp CRM.  MarketSharp is focused on jobs so when reps submits a lead, that lead information will automatically transfer to the MarketSharp system allowing office staff to work quickly to process a potential job.

MarketSharp Features

MarketSharp is a marketing and management (CRM) software for re-modelers, contractors, and home improvement professionals.  MarketSharp allows businesses to generate more leads, convert more leads to sales, improve productivity, and increase repeat business and referrals.

• Generate more leads

• Convert more leads to sales

• Improve productivity

• Increase repeat business & referrals

• Know your numbers

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