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Convert data to Forms

Transfer any lead details into a Google Form by clicking a button.

Complete forms

Complete forms within SalesRabbit on the Google Forms interface

About SalesRabbit

With SalesRabbit, you can connect your custom app, open processes, or data systems and pass information to other apps.  With Google Forms connector you can release surveys, and collect data on prospects or run campaigns with flexibility. Update and release new surveys and forms in minutes to your entire team.

About Google Forms

Easy to create and use, Google Forms allows you to open a survey or form within SalesRabbit and move lead details directly into the form, eliminating data entry. Capture and collect data and responses and store them safely in Google Forms for campaign response overviews and reporting.

You can also fill out any lead information on the Lead Detail Page.  Once finished, click on the Web Connect button (the 2 dots connected to one) to open the Google Form (you may be prompted to sign into Google). Fill out your form and submit. The submitted form will be available on Google Forms.

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Google Forms + SalesRabbit makes surveys and data capture easier and faster than ever

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