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Customer Targeting

Create a lead list of the exact profile of customer you want to sell to

Map view target customers

Import data from Faraday into SalesRabbit and view in map and list view for prospecting

About SalesRabbit

Take the guesswork out of canvassing by providing you with homeowner information before you even knock on the door. This enables you to target ideal customers and frame the sales conversation in the best possible way.

About Faraday

In Faraday you can create the profile of the exact customer that you are looking for. That can be done through choosing the credit level, household income, home square footage, geographic location, etc… Then, based on the requirements you set, it will show you where those potential customers live.

With the Faraday-Sales Rabbit Integration you can have your specified data inserted directly into Sales Rabbit so it will populate on the map in your Sales Rabbit app.

Experience the best of both solutions on one phone call and demo

Experience smarter prospecting and sales by using Faraday to target desired customer profiles

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