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Credit qualifications

Initiate a credit approval from SalesRabbit

Credit Permissions

Restrict and monitor Attempts per Hour, Attempts per Day and Attempts per Address

About SalesRabbit

Using the SalesRabbit and at&t integration for credit approvals allows you to quickly retrieve credit approvals and manage which users have access to this feature. Additionally use the Create incomplete order feature so every time a user on your account qualifies a customer in Sales Rabbit an incomplete order will be created in the DIRECTV Dealer Portal. Then, after the sale is completed and the customer is ready to be inserted into DIRECTV the incomplete order created during the qualification can be used to finish the job.

This feature removes the need to qualify the customer again when inserting them in the the DIRECTV Dealer Portal.

About at&t

at&t and SalesRabbit have been creating dealer enablement and sales solutions for field sales reps that create new found efficiencies.

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