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Sales Rabbit Officially On Google Play Store

Posted by Mark Gordon | August 28, 2015

Sales Rabbit has had a big a month and hit a milestone as a company. The greatest part about this… You get to take part in Sales Rabbit History. We have officially launched the premium door-to-door and canvassing app on the Google Play Store.

We know Android lovers are jumping for joy as they’re reading this since the launch has been greatly anticipated and sought after. We could not be happier to give you one of the biggest requests we get, our app on Android. Now you can easily download your favorite app on Android devices directly from the Google Play Store by searching for Sales Rabbit.

As a company, we dedicated a lot of overtime and resources into making this a possibility. We will continue to support and release updates with new features and improvements.

After you read this, please pass the message along, have your team download the Android app and don’t forget to leave an outstanding review on the app, our team loves to see great reviews. If enough reviews are made, you will get to see the Sales Rabbit teams rabbit dance. Download the app, leave a review and enjoy an easier life on the doors.

Thank you for your support.

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