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Sales Rabbit announces specialized mobile solutions for Pest and Security

Posted by Brady Anderson | November 11, 2013

There is no need to be a slave to the pen and paper. The wait is over! A mobile software solution has arrived for summer sales companies in both pest and security industries. This new technology has improved and mobilized the door to door industry. Current users have been ecstatic with the results received from using Sales Rabbit and we are now extending this excitement into the pest and security industries.  Sales Rabbit is in the process of integrating with Engarde, PestPac and Sales Force.

For those behind the times, this product, ‘Sales Rabbit’ specializes in cloud-based mobile software for all door to door companies. It simplifies the complete sales process, by giving a sales rep more tools to have a credible and professional pitch from start to finish. Sales Rabbit has improved the per rep average by 23% for those companies using it this last summer.

Sales Rabbit helps reps be more motivated, more efficient, and more productive.  It provides mobile lead management, GPS capture, live leaderboards, paperless contracts, closing tools and more.  Sell more with Sales Rabbit.

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