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New Leads and Lead Lists with Redfin

Posted by Scott Porter | November 30, 2018

New Leads and Lead Lists with Redfin

Accelerate and optimize your door-to-door process with smart data.

Door-to-door sales is often considered a numbers game– the more doors you knock, the more leads you generate, the more deals you close, right? But with the growing power of technology, you can swing the odds in your favor and target higher-propensity buyer types without doing all the busywork. One of the best ways to do that is to run with Redfin, a real estate tech service.

Here’s how it works. With Redfin, you can search for all kinds of home transaction data for homes that are for sale and that have recently been sold. You can filter this data by close dates, size of home, home value, and more. Then, you can build a custom list of homes in a given area that match your selected parameters. Here are the filter options:

Lead list parameters with Redfin

New leads and lead lists with Redfin

The variety of parameters makes this a great option for any industry selling in-home products and services. In general, new homebuyers are already in the mindset of having to get things for the new place, and likely even have a budget already set aside for those kinds of purchases. The home purchase is probably an upgrade for them, and now they’ve got a brand new home they want to keep secure, energy bills they’d like to decrease, and a new lawn that they want to keep well-managed and pest free.

Every industry can benefit from intelligently using databases like this. Here’s a few examples.

Roofers can use data on home age to match and predict the expiration of shingle warranties:

roofing leads lead list redfin

Solar companies can target homes based on their size:

solar leads lead list redfin

Security companies can target homes based on their value:

security leads lead list redfin

Pest control companies can narrow by lot size:

pest control leads lead list redfin

If you’re in pool maintenance, here’s an area showing every home that was sold in the last year and has a pool:

pool maintenance leads lead list redfin

This is just the beginning. No matter your industry, you can benefit from narrowing down lead lists based on homeowner and real estate data.

Once you’ve built out a list that matches the needs of your market, you can export it by clicking the “Download All” button at the bottom of the results. (Note: you can only download data if the local MLS allows it. Learn more here.)

new leads lead list download redfin

This will leave you with a .csv file that looks like this:

new leads lead list csv redfin

Then, import that list into SalesRabbit and use it to populate your map, assign leads to reps, create a route, and track your team’s progress through the list.

SalesRabbit’s visual approach to lead management is the perfect pairing with these data types, and you’ll be able to track and manage leads the same way that Redfin provides them and the same way your teams work them. Managing your area and data will be a breeze.

Now you’re playing the numbers game intelligently and narrowing down your market before you even hit the concrete. Instead of casting a wide net every day with your canvassing efforts, you’re spending time with high-propensity buyer types and seeing your close percentages skyrocket.

If you’re a current SalesRabbit client and need help downloading and importing RedFin data, reach out! We’re happy to help.

If you’re interested in seeing everything SalesRabbit can do, schedule a demo. We’d love to show you how to optimize your sales process and start bringing in serious results.

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