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How HubSpot and SalesRabbit Integrate

Posted by Sean Huckstep | July 22, 2021

SalesRabbit and HubSpot have officially integrated

We’ve officially integrated with one of the most powerful CRM’s in the game. Our sales software is only enhanced with the HubSpot integration to save you time on tedious tasks and improve customer relationships. Check out what both of our companies offer, what the integration does for you, and where to set it up.

About HubSpot

HubSpot is a free CRM for businesses to track their growth. This CRM provides you with knowledge bases, automatic emails, business analytics and lead generation to help improve your business without compromise. This software funnels lead data into email marketing campaigns for you and creates email templates for a personalized touch. HubSpot’s a very marketing friendly software that’ll help you develop all the necessary professional qualities of successful companies. As a result, you’re given what you need to organize, track, and build better relationships with leads and customers. And yes, it’s 100% free. Forever.

About SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit is all about making your life easier. Our goal is to keep moving outside sales into the future. For us, that means providing sales teams with the best technology to keep them working quickly, intelligently, and effectively. Every level of your sales organization will benefit from our platform. Reps will be able to track leads, report progress, and close deals in the field. As a result, managers can easily assign areas, track rep progress through them, and measure overall performance. Executives and other departments will benefit from intelligent reporting, state-of-the-art marketing platforms, training databases, and more.

What This Integration Does

  • Starting Deal Stage: allows customers to select what deal stage they’d like a created deal to start at
  • Lead Creation: SR lead is created when a contact is created in Hubspot
  • Lead Status Update: SR lead status updates when a corresponding deal stage is updated in Hubspot
  • Create/Update Contact: when a SR lead is moved to chosen statuses a Hubspot Contact will create/update
  • Lead Status Selection: users can select the status(es) that they’d like to trigger Contact creation/updates

Set Up SalesRabbit x HubSpot Integration

If you’re interested in using any of these powerful integrations, any and all of these integrations can be set up through our Help Center portal, the Integration Marketplace or by reaching out to your account CSM or support team at support@salesrabbit.com 801-418-9009.

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