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Me and Einstein Have Something “Relatively” In Common

Posted by Zac Kerr | March 10, 2017


I bet none of my friends, or even the wifey, would initially compare me to the Nobel Prize winning Physicist whose very name is synonymous with genius, Einstein.

However I really hope they will. Not for vanity’s sake, but for sharing a trait.  The commitment to create value.


Value creation is a very real pursuit created by meaning and purpose with the intention to solve problems. Big or small. Modern physics… E = mc2 stuff, to everyday experiences. Jokingly, I tell people I am a “P.P.S.” Which is acronym for professional problem solver. Reduced down and in all reality- most us are doing just that: solving problems, personally, professionally and socially.

Producing value leads us to opportunities to cause impact in the world around us and improve the lives of others… And our own in the process. In a societal culture plagued with need to gratify one’s self interest- there is wisdom in learning to gratify others interest with conscious  intention to receive benefit by favor. This approach does gratify one’s self interest by garnering one social capital. It’s been anecdotally  said that “net worth is determined by your network” Do you possess a great deal of favor with others?  There is a big lever in being able to influence and get things done through exercising social capital. What’s interesting is that when you develop a reputation for gratifying others interest- they may feel a need to exercise that favor. (I don’t mean favor as in “ he owes me a favor” more like “I’m in his graces and enjoy having favor / regard with him” And if you delay your gratification- it’s no different than making a interest bearing loan, but the returns can be incalculable. When people are in your corner they will go beyond the limitations of possible to return value to the person who once extended value, And even prove they can come through- especially when it’s clutch. They will do things that money does not have the power to cause action on. Be ok helping others and not receiving anything in return but yet everything you never imagined.


A “value creation” mindset can have a massive impact on business. For me, it’s the symbolic man behind the scenes that pushes towards breakthrough in new technologies, solutions and innovation. Einstein voiced these words “ great spirits always encounter violent opposition”  the presence of opposition acts an indication that value is available. It’s also the universes great protector of all that is good and worthwhile- I, of the opinion that the universe only yields its value up to those who work for it. I’m pretty sure it was designed that way.  It’s been said that knowledge is the worlds currency- so go exchange it. Too many people are caught up on exchanging value for money- try doing a deal where you exchange value for a relationship, an introduction, a thoughtful referral, equity, options, licensing right, use of brand, partnership, consulting agreements, invitations to exclusive opportunities,etc etc- you’ll discover that money is not always the most universal unit for exchange and can even be a detractor discounting available value that goes unrealized because of our own naivety or affixiation to receive “money” instead of value. Value centric thinkers close more deals, develop more business and establish deeper strategies that the boundaries of money would have confined the progress of a deal. Props to those who prevail with their  modern day trading post.


It’s important to note that value does have a catalyst and that is understanding.

Especially in business, understanding that organization’s pains, challenges and goals fostering a feeling of empathy, understanding, which inspire a solution or opportunity.
Another way to look at value is as the bridge between goals and the process to results.


As I lead the sales and growth team at Sales Rabbit, we work to embed a culture of value as we seek to align with businesses solving for clients greatest problems.

Oh, and there is a cliche business line that is banned from our conversation, “Win – Win”.  Instead, we just say “Wins”. We keep the focus on driving towards the customer’s win. The fact that we will consequently benefit doesn’t even need to be said.  Why state the obvious?! Great relationships naturally reciprocate. Ask yourself why you signed up for, Google – Netflix – Amazon – Facebook or Uber. (wink)

So me and Einstein do not share the same hairdo or IQ. But, we do share the same vision in what to become. In the words of the Genius, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

did you think twice about this? Message me – I’m always curious to learn from you.



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