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Dec 7, 2017

6 Canvassing Tips (4 of 4)

Six Great Canvassing Tips You Can Start Using Right Away – Part Four of Four Canvassing is an important approach to generating sales, spreading the word about political action items, and much more. This strategy puts you face-to-face with the people you most want to connect with; this personal approach can be highly effective but…

Sean Huckstep
Nov 30, 2017

Sales Canvassing (3 of 4)

How to Make Sales Canvassing Work for You – Part Three of Four Generating new sales leads can be a challenge for any business, and at some point, you and your staff may want to turn to sales canvassing to connect to potential customers. Whether you call it sales canvassing or cold calling, you are…

Brady Anderson
Nov 17, 2017

Political Canvassing (2 of 4)

Introduction to Canvassing – Part Two of Four Although some people may think door-to-door canvassing is a strategy of the past, it can still be extremely successful as a sales and political tool. The key is knowing how to make your canvassing efforts successful. Here at SalesRabbit, we are committed to helping our clients fulfill…

Zoober Kerr
Nov 10, 2017

Successful Canvassing (1 of 4)

Introduction to Canvassing – Part One of Four Canvassing is a practice used by political organizations, non-profit groups, sales teams, and many others to connect with people on an individual basis. This practice is widely used precisely because it has the potential to deliver such great returns for effort. With the right approach to organization,…

Scott Porter
Nov 6, 2017

Becoming a Door-to-Door Sales Leader

Whether you’re a new sales leader or you’ve had your job for a while, there are common mistakes that you’re probably making as you try to build a successful door to door or field sales operation. But canvassing is a great tool when done correctly, so we’ve assembled these tips for sales leaders to help…

Sean Huckstep
Oct 31, 2017

D2D Con: The Premier Event for D2D Sales

  Be here. If you’re in D2D Sales, you don’t really have any other option. Everybody needs to feel like they’re constantly improving, especially in the D2D world. And maybe you are– maybe you’re coming off a great summer and you’ve got sight of new boundaries. Or maybe you’re coming off a hard summer and…

Zoober Kerr
Jan 29, 2016

[TUTORIAL] 7 Steps to Closing the Deal by Comedian Kenny Brooks

Comedian Kenny Brooks used to sell a cleaning product door-to-door. Then one day someone got him on camera so that you could steal his secrets… Step 1: Quick Intro & Name Drop Neighbors They say that you only have 5-10 seconds to make a 1st impression. Better act quick! Step 2: Demonstrate the Product If you…

Mark Gordon
Jan 25, 2016

17 Irresistible Tips for Selling More from the World’s Best Salesmen

Selling may not be the “oldest profession in the world”, but it’s close. It’s still one of the best ways to make money, and success goes to the one who masters it. Here are tips from some of the masters on how to sell more and succeed in business. Zig Ziglar Sales legend Zig Ziglar…

Mark Gordon
Jan 14, 2016

How To Skyrocket Your Sales with Data and Analytics

Most of the door-to-door sales industry is still in the dark ages. If you were to ask your 2 biggest competitors, “What’s your presentation closing ratio?” they wouldn’t know the answer. If you want to train, keep and motivate a successful sales force, you have to know this! You see, there’s only 3 different ways…

Mark Gordon

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