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Feb 23, 2016

The 5 Secret Ways of Keeping Your Sales Reps (Or Yourself) Motivated

Door-to-door sales is an emotional rollercoaster. The thrill of getting a sale is balanced by the frustration of constant rejection. So keeping motivated can be a challenge, even for the pros. Here’s several ways to keep the reps you manage, or yourself, motivated. Hire Great People, Fire Bad Ones In the best-selling business book Good…

Mark Gordon
Jan 29, 2016

[TUTORIAL] 7 Steps to Closing the Deal by Comedian Kenny Brooks

Comedian Kenny Brooks used to sell a cleaning product door-to-door. Then one day someone got him on camera so that you could steal his secrets… Step 1: Quick Intro & Name Drop Neighbors They say that you only have 5-10 seconds to make a 1st impression. Better act quick! Step 2: Demonstrate the Product If you…

Mark Gordon
Apr 30, 2015

From Sales Rabbit To You: Summer Sales Advice

The 2015 summer sales season is here and Sales Rabbit wants to impart some advice to help you have a more successful summer. Before Sales Rabbit, we also spent summers knocking doors for multiple industries including: pest control, home automation/security and satellite. We know that summer sales success comes from following these steps. While this list is…

Brady Anderson

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