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Apr 12, 2018

Preparing for Peak Selling Season

With the selling season about to hit primetime, it’s important to have reps as prepared as possible. This means getting them well-trained and comfortable using SalesRabbit effectively. Here are the basics they should know: Lead and Area Management Start by teaching your reps how to use filters so they are able to view the Leads…

Brady Anderson
Feb 1, 2018

Prepare for Success with Positive Visualization

Supercharge Your Sales Performance with Positive Visualization Sometimes, the day-to-day life of the door-to-door canvassing sales professional can feel like a non stop barrage of demoralizing rejection. Are you ready to take control of your success? You may already have an outgoing and enthusiastic personality, but positive visualization can supercharge your performance and help you…

Brady Anderson
Jan 4, 2018

Strategically Working an Area

How to Strategically Work Your Sales Area One of the most difficult parts of d2d sales is knowing how to manage your geographic sales area. The most successful companies utilize top door to door sales tips and an effective sales tracking system to help sales representatives work smarter, not harder. If you create an effective…

Brady Anderson
Nov 30, 2017

Sales Canvassing (3 of 4)

How to Make Sales Canvassing Work for You – Part Three of Four Generating new sales leads can be a challenge for any business, and at some point, you and your staff may want to turn to sales canvassing to connect to potential customers. Whether you call it sales canvassing or cold calling, you are…

Brady Anderson
Jun 24, 2015

From Poser To Closer: Part One

What enters your mind when you see this picture? If you answered along the lines of a professional basketball player with no athleticism posing as an all-star, you’re correct. Congratulations! Who is this guy trying to kid?! You won’t see him at Staples Center or Oracle Arena anytime soon. This man is destined for pickup…

Brady Anderson
May 26, 2015

Concerns Managers Need To Resolve: Part One

You have likely seen the picture of an iceberg barely breaking the ocean’s surface, with a more intimidating mass lurking beneath the deep. If you haven’t seen said picture, watch the movie “Titanic”, but here is the visual if you don’t want to waste five hours of your life. You’re welcome! So we listed common…

Brady Anderson
May 19, 2015

Six Ways To A Good First Impression At Each Door

Because door-to-door sales are fast-paced, making a good first impression is crucial to your success. And according to experts, you only have seven to 17 seconds to make that good first impression. DO NOT OVERLOOK A FIRST IMPRESSION because once it’s ruined, you can say goodbye to building trust at the door. The great cowboy legend Will…

Brady Anderson
May 15, 2015

Sales Rabbit Users: The Help Center Has Officially Launched

Attention all Sales Rabbit users, this deserves a drum roll. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but the Help Center platform has officially launched for managers and reps. You now have access to 24-hour technical support. The easy to navigate Help Center provides step-by-step answers to any questions you have about the Sales Rabbit app. It also…

Brady Anderson
Apr 30, 2015

From SalesRabbit To You: Summer Sales Advice

The 2015 summer sales season is here and SalesRabbit wants to impart some advice to help you have a more successful summer. Before Sales Rabbit, we also spent summers knocking doors for multiple industries including: pest control, home automation/security and satellite. We know that summer sales success comes from following these steps. While this list is not…

Brady Anderson

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