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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Office More Organized

Posted by Diana Jennings | July 31, 2020

3 tips for a more organized and efficient home office:

Having a hard time keeping your at home office organized? We all understand how that can be—literally. With more than 5% of Americans now working from home, the needs for an organized home office is vital. If you need help or inspiration on how to create your home office into the perfect workspace, here are 3 tips to help you. 

#1 Create a Filing System

Creating a filing system helps to separate your personal and business paperwork. There’s nothing worse for organization than having papers everywhere. That’s why using a color coded system like this can dramatically improve your home office:

GREEN: Financial

RED: Medical

ORANGE: Personal

YELLOW: Insurance

BLUE: House 

These are just examples of what color coding can do to help you work smarter from home. There are endless possibilities for how to organize your work space with color coded folders, labels, and filed paperwork. The bottom line is to create a filing system that works for you. 

#2 Declutter

A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. When working remotely it’s already hard enough to focus, so clearing up messes from your home office will help.

Most home offices are flooded with too much paper. Be sure to have a shredder handy and purge paper that isn’t important anymore. Or if you’re the type of person that loves to keep a record of everything, use a scanner to make digital copies of all papers. This will help declutter your office and give you more peace of mind.

#3 Utilize Storage Containers 

Every desk typically has enough drawers to store all of your office supplies, but if yours doesn’t, then using storage containers will be a big help. There are large storage containers for documents, supplies, and bigger office items, but there are also ways to use storage containers in your office drawers. Small and big plastic containers are the best way to make sure all of your office needs have a designated place in your home office. 

Get Started

We’re in the era of remote work so it’s time to claim a space in your home where you can be your best and most productive self. The importance of remote work is increasing. Now’s the time to use tips like this to make the most of your home office. 


Sophia says:

Thank You For The Amazing Guide

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