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3 Smooth & Funny Sales Pitches from the Movies

Posted by Mark Gordon | January 8, 2016

These super smooth and amusing sales pitches from the movies will get your inner sales guy prepped and ready to go!

Pitch #1 Wolf of Wall StreetPhone Pitch

This pitch is super smooth and has great emotional emphasis (even if it isn’t the most honest).

Pitch #2 Tommy Boy Learning to Overcome Rejection

Overcoming the “no’s” is crucial to success. How many no’s do you typically go through before getting the sale? Adding a little humor doesn’t hurt either.

Pitch #3 IronmanInclude Explosions and Free Drinks

Talk about a demo! As they say in the military, sometimes you need to go for “shock and awe.”

Are there any movie scenes that you know of with great sales pitches?

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