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See how and where your team is using time

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Gain insights that allow you to lead and train your reps, guiding them to new sales records

  • See where reps have been during work hours
  • Display a unique profile image for each rep
  • View geo and date stamps for their locations
  • Filter results by team, rep, or date to isolate location instances
  • Discern between old and new locations with fading stamp

The more you know about a rep’s behaviors, the more you can help them improve those behaviors. When you monitor underperformers you can help them diagnose areas for improvement. When you monitor top performers you can base trainings on their habits and techniques.

Know where the lead setters are and help closers to show up to hot appointments. Encourage confidence in reps by being able to know what area they are working in if any safety issues arise. Create team accountability and grow your sales culture by bringing transparency to team performance.

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