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 Homeowner data that powers conversations

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 Use DataGrid to start the conversation right

  • Display details about a homeowner and the property
  • Target higher propensity buyers
  • Pre-populated pins over homes are ready to be dispositioned
  • Ease into conversations by knowing who’s who in the neighborhood
  • Merge your own data with ours for a custom experience

DataGrid gives your salespeople data for each home they are prospecting before they knock on the door. A sales rep can quickly access the data inside of the map view and easily see all of their leads and data while also targeting the best prospects.

Know everything: the homeowner’s name, whether or not they are renting, how long they’ve lived there, their income, marital status, occupation, and much more.

Inspire sales teams to work smarter by targeting prospects with DataGrid, giving them the most opportunities for productive conversations about your product.

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