Getting Started Questions

How do I get a username and password?

In order to receive a username and password, a Sales Rabbit system account has to be created and issued for each company or individual. If you are looking to get a system account, then please fill out our Sign Up Form. If you would like to learn more about Sales Rabbit first, request a Free Demo. A representative will contact you promptly. If you would like immediate assistance, contact our Office at (801) 418-9009.

How do I sign up?

Go to our Sign Up page and fill out our Sign Up Form. This provides us with some of the necessary information to set up your Sales Rabbit Account. One of our representatives will then call you to get any additional information needed as well as make sure your system is properly syncing. If you need to set up your system quickly, please give us a call at our Office, (801) 418-9009.

Current Customer Questions

My company is currently using Sales Rabbit. Why can't I log in?

If you know your company is using Sales Rabbit and you are unable to login, please contact your company to have them create a user profile for you to use Sales Rabbit. We are unable to create that for you, but if you need help please contact our Support Team.

What if I encounter technical issues with the app?

We apologize for the problem you are having, but we want to help make it right. Tell us your problem and please remember as much detail about the problem or issue you are having. Take a screenshot of the problem, and remember what you were doing in the app at the time the problem occurred. Send all of that information to our Support Staff at or by filling out our Contact Us Form. Our Support team will respond quickly. Please include as much information as possible, as it will ensure a much quicker fix.

In the Dashboard, how do I...?

There are many questions you may have about dashboard. We have created a Sales Rabbit Wiki page where you can find step by step answers to your questions. You can always send your question to our Support Team at or fill out our Contact Us Form. For immediate help, call our office at (801) 418-9009.