The Underappreciated Power of Referrals

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Referrals are beautiful yet sometimes forgotten in our industry. Not forgotten in the sense of hearing the word (you probably hear ‘referrals’ often), but forgotten in the sense of actually taking action to get the golden ‘R’ word. Like it or not, referrals are the most powerful, yet overlooked and underappreciated way to get sales. […]

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The Top Five Stats to Track

I love stats

  Stats and numbers; two words tossed around more in the door-to-door industry than a bowl of chicken wings at a Super Bowl party. We track and report them daily, but what is the real purpose of stats and which stats, out of the gazillion available, should you track? So before we begin, what exactly […]

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Concerns Managers Need to Resolve: Part Two

titantic sinking

In our previous post, “Concerns Managers Need To Resolve: Part One”, we touched on the devastation an iceberg (AKA reps concerns) had on the Titanic (AKA your sale ship). We now continue our journey through more concerns you will face as a manager. Reps don’t work their assigned hours: You will likely deal with this concern multiple times […]

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From Poser To Closer: Part One

Madam Could I sell

What enters your mind when you see this picture? If you answered along the lines of a professional basketball player with no athleticism posing as an all-star, you’re correct. Congratulations! Who is this guy trying to kid?! You won’t see him at Staples Center or Oracle Arena anytime soon. This man is destined for pickup […]

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Concerns Managers Need To Resolve: Part One

Sad Sean

You have likely seen the picture of an iceberg barely breaking the ocean’s surface, with a more intimidating mass lurking beneath the deep. If you haven’t seen said picture, watch the movie “Titanic”, but here is the visual if you don’t want to waste five hours of your life. You’re welcome! Concerns are like icebergs. […]

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Six Ways To A Good First Impression At Each Door

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Because door-to-door sales are fast-paced, making a good first impression is crucial to your success. And according to experts, you only have seven to 17 seconds to make that good first impression. DO NOT OVERLOOK A FIRST IMPRESSION because once it’s ruined, you can say goodbye to building trust at the door. The great cowboy legend Will […]

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Sales Rabbit Users: The Help Center Has Officially Launched

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Attention all Sales Rabbit users, this deserves a drum roll. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but the Help Center platform has officially launched for managers and reps. You now have access to 24-hour technical support. The easy to navigate Help Center provides step-by-step answers to any questions you have about the Sales Rabbit app. It also […]

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