[SLIDESHARE] 13 Words that Sell for Door to Door Salespeople

selling words

This Slideshare from HubSpot Sales blog explains 13 words that sell.  As a salesman or woman, words are your weapons. Use them well! Words that Sell from HubSpot Our Reaction: It starts off with “You.” You are solving your prospect’s problems, and he wants to hear how you can do that. You’ve probably heard the expression […]

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The 5 Secret Ways of Keeping Your Sales Reps (Or Yourself) Motivated

motivating door to door sales

Door-to-door sales is an emotional rollercoaster. The thrill of getting a sale is balanced by the frustration of constant rejection. So keeping motivated can be a challenge, even for the pros. Here’s several ways to keep the reps you manage, or yourself, motivated. Hire Great People, Fire Bad Ones In the best-selling business book Good […]

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From Sales Rabbit To You: Summer Sales Advice

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The 2015 summer sales season is here and Sales Rabbit wants to impart some advice to help you have a more successful summer. Before Sales Rabbit, we also spent summers knocking doors for multiple industries including: pest control, home automation/security and satellite. We know that summer sales success comes from following these steps. While this list is […]

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Five Things Sales Reps Want Now!


Sales reps, we understand and hear you! We created Sales Rabbit because we have also knocked doors and know the top five things you want. 1. Electronic contracts: Sales reps rarely say ‘I enjoy keeping track of paperwork and turning it in’. Reps want to spend their time finding new leads and closing sales, not worrying about paperwork. […]

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Knocked Any Doors Lately?

Sales Rabbit Knocked Any Doors Blog Pic

If you have spent any time knocking door to door you know how difficult it can be. You understand the roller coaster of emotions that happens within a single day or even a single hour. You know how it feels to get turned down door after door, or accidentally knocking on the same door twice in […]

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