For Satellite Salesmen

More Satellite retailers have started using Sales Rabbit to increase sales than any other sales lead tracking software in the industry. Since incorporating Sales Rabbit into their selling process, Satellite teams report, on average, a 20% increase in new activations! It is the fastest growing, most elite mobile software for Satellite sales teams.

Whether your team sells at kiosks, events, or door-to-door, our innovative software will maximize your sales and simplify your company’s internal activity. With Sales Rabbit’s powerful features, Satellite Sales managers can create and assign sales routes for employees, rank leads based on level of interest, and much more! Our built-in Bill Calculator allows your reps to instantly compare Satellite costs with the costs of the customer’s current provider. Sales Rabbit’s features and sales management tools connects your sales team, whether they’re behind-the-scenes managing, or face-to-face with a prospect!

With the Sales Rabbit sales lead tracking software, Satellite companies can plan their sales processes and routes to reach maximum efficiently. This leads to more sales, and higher rates of employee productivity.

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For Satellite Technicians

Your Satellite Technicians will love our derivative of the Sales Rabbit app: Tech Rabbit! Tech Rabbit streamlines your techs’ installation process, ensuring they have the correct paperwork for the job, as well as current route maps. As soon as a job is assigned to a technician, that technician’s app will sync with all of information required for the job: how many TVs to install, what equipment to use, the house location, etc.

With Tech Rabbit’s sales mapping software, the home office can check up on a technician’s progress and location. Determine their arrival and departure times for installation appointments, and view when they are en route to a new job, and their ETAs. This automated GPS tracking is built into the technician’s device.

With Sales Rabbit and Tech Rabbit, your Satellite sales and technician teams will be ready to go! Empower your team towards success, and your company to higher sales rates!

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