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Political / Campaign

Polling, surveying, and promoting, do it all like never before

Political Canvassing Door to Door App

The SalesRabbit cloud-based platform and mobile app is the ideal solution for canvassing teams. Whether conducting polls or surveys, distributing party information, fundraising, encouraging people to vote, or identifying supporters to your cause, the main goal of canvassing is to contact the target population. When reaching out to that many people, team leaders have a difficult time keeping track of where their representatives have already visited, which houses need to be revisited, and which areas remain to be covered.

With the SalesRabbit door to door app, you never have to lose track again! SalesRabbit’s focuses on Lead Management and Rep Management. With the Lead Management section of the app, you have a complete list of each person you contacted. Quickly input notes, set follow-up reminders and notifications, and drop pins on your electronic map to track the status of each house or business. Improving your team efficiency with the best sales tracking software in the industry also cuts down on operational costs!

With Rep Management, the leader of your canvassing team will electronically draw and assign routes to the team with our robust sales mapping software. Even while your team is scattered throughout the field, the manager can continue to check in on them, or update assignments. Rep Management’s GPS user tracking makes it simple for leaders to monitor the location of individual team members.

As a mobile door to door app, SalesRabbit allows maximum flexibility for your team. Both leaders and reps can view all team activity on the app—wherever they are! Because canvassers are constantly on the go, SalesRabbit ensures that your organization software is as mobile as you are.

SalesRabbit also allows you to store as many presentation materials as you want within the app! Enhance your face-to-face interactions with our sales tools app and go out canvassing prepared with whatever diagrams, graphs, or videos you require!

Increase your team efficiency with SalesRabbit, both in front of contacts, and within your team!


More campaigns have started using Sales Rabbit to increase voter base than any other canvassing & lead tracking software in the industry. With 3rd-party integration, campaign results are much easier for you and your team.


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