The Sales Rabbit app and cloud-based platform is groundbreaking sales software for Pest Control companies. Our mobile software makes it easy to check lead progress, problem bug areas, and plan routes for sales and delivery of services. Generate and organize more sales for your team than ever before!

With a variety of sales management tools at your command, you equip your team with all the tools they need to increase closing rates. Just for pest control companies, the Sales Rabbit app has built-in information on any bug: their habitats, reproduction cycles, and lifestyles. This feature gives your reps confidence, knowing they can quickly verify pest information for customers. With quick answers at their disposal, the individual members of your sales team will impress customers with how savvy your business is. Whether your company sells pest control door-to-door, a store front, kiosk, event, or over the phone, Sales Rabbit simplifies your business by keeping track of both your reps and your clients.

Sales Rabbit’s highlight features are Lead Management and Rep Management. With Lead Management, you have completely visibility of your clients list, and can quickly input information on the pest control services they request. Drop pins on your electronic map to track sales progress with any given lead. Sales Rabbit’s Lead Management section allows you to take control of your leads with the best sales tracking software in the industry.

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With the easy sales mapping software in the Rep Management section, the manager of your pest control team creates and assigns sales areas. Even while reps are scattered throughout the field, the manager can continue to check in on reps and success rates. Monitor your reps using GPS user tracking!

Improve your face-to-face service and door-to-door sales rates! Rely on the most efficient pest control app in the market!

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