Sales Rabbit has improved the work lifestyle of many diverse companies with our efficient sales rep software. Our team has already created industry-specific features for lawn care, pest control, solar, roofing, satellite TV sales, canvassing, and home security businesses! Sales Rabbit is eager to create a specialized product geared perfectly towards your industry as well. If we don’t have a product for your industry yet, contact us. We will build it!

The general Sales Rabbit platform and mobile app accomplishes major goals to organize your company’s sales team. The basic features of Lead Management and Rep Management allow both managers and sales reps to take control of their clients list! The general sales management tools that Sales Rabbit provides are powerful enough to create significant improvements in your sales process. Additional features, however, tailor our software specifically to your team, if that’s what your industry requires.

No request is too specific for Sales Rabbit! Industry-specific features we have created in the past include bill calculators to compare company prices with a customer’s current provider. We have also developed a Pest Index for the pest control and lawn care industries, and TV channel guides for the Satellite TV industry. We’re happy to develop out unique features for your app as well!

While the robust functionality of our general sales rep software greatly facilitates company goals, our team is prepared to enhance and customize the app to fit your company perfectly! We would love to include you by catering our app and mobile platform specifically to you. Let us know what additional features your company would like, and get sales software that takes on your company’s needs!

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