As a mobile app and cloud-based platform, Sales Rabbit provides ideal team organization for on-the-go companies—like lawn care businesses! Managers of lawn care companies keep busy sending out sales reps and lawn care specialists. Coordinating schedules and work routes can be a headache! With Sales Rabbit, you never have to worry about forgetting a service date, or neglecting to follow up with a lead.

Sales Rabbit offers a variety of sales management tools to simplify your sales process. The most prominent features—Lead Management and Rep Management—give you full control over your clients lists and employee supervision. The Lead Management section allows your to view complete lists of each lawn care lead or client. Quickly input notes, set service reminders and notifications, and drop pins on your electronic map to track the progress of each house or business. Sync information with the entire team so that other employees can see real-time updates on which assignments have already been tackled.

With Rep Management, managers electronically draw and assign routes. This sales mapping software makes it easy to update tasks for sales reps or lawn care specialists. Even while your team is scattered throughout their areas, managers can continue to check in on them, or notify them of a change in assignments. Rep Management’s GPS user tracking makes it simple for leaders to monitor the progress of individual team members.

As a mobile sales management app, Sales Rabbit allows maximum flexibility for your team. Both leaders and reps can stay in-the-loop with the company as a whole—wherever they are! As lawn care professionals, you jump from location to location throughout the day. Sales Rabbit ensures that your organization software is as mobile as you are. Simplify your team organization today!

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