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Home Security

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Home Security Sales App

With SalesRabbit, your security sales team can trust our powerful software that to manage their leads list. Our efficient cloud-based platform and home security sales app makes it easy to track lead progress, leads’ current security provider, paperwork, and more!

Through our completely paperless system, your valuable client information is stored in SalesRabbit’s cloud-based software or automatically be sent to your office. No longer will your reps forget about a lead, or misplace paperwork! Easily track a lead’s security switch-overs and take-overs with our capable system. In addition, SalesRabbit features electronic contracts for your customers, cutting your paperwork in half! Only the best sales tracking apps have paperless agreements. Reps can then sync information and documentation with the home office—no matter where they are—using the best sales tracking software in the market!

SalesRabbit’s most prominent features are Lead Management and Rep Management. With Lead Management, you have completely visibility of your leads list, and can rank leads according to level of interest. Drop pins on your electronic map to track sales progress with any given lead.

With Rep Management’s sales mapping software, the manager of your security team creates and assigns sales areas. Even while reps are scattered throughout the field, the manager can continue to check in on reps and success rates. Monitor your reps using GPS user tracking!

Enhance your face-to-face and door-to-door security sales with the most efficient selling app in the market! Run credits, target customers most likely to buy, and enjoy our seamless integrations with major U.S. and global security companies.


More Home automation and security retailers have started using Sales Rabbit to increase sales more than any other sales lead tracking software in the industry. With 3rd-party integration, Sales are much easier for you and your team.

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