Sales Rabbit is a cloud-based platform and mobile app that assists sales companies to seamlessly manage their leads and reps. Our Sales Rabbit team knows how precious leads and sales are in the solar industry. Neglecting to follow-up with a client or being unable to close a deal causes your company to lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the solar industry, competition with other companies is high, and closing sales becomes a “race for the space.” Be the company that closes deals first—Sales Rabbit will get you there!

Sales Rabbit acts as a catalyst towards increased efficiency, flexibility, unity, and productivity in your sales team. With key features like Lead Management and Rep Management, both managers and reps can organize their game plan with the best sales app on the market. Lead Management offers solar companies the best sales lead tracking software around. In the Lead Management section, view your entire lead list, and rank leads according to level of interest and importance. Drop pins on your electronic map to monitor progress with leads. Sync lead information with your entire team to keep everyone in the loop—instantly!

With Rep Management, the manager of your solar sales team creates and designates sales areas to reps. Even when your team is dispersed throughout their areas, the manager can continue to update assignments, check in on reps with GPS tracking, and monitor success rates with this invaluable sales mapping software.

As the best sales app for solar companies, Sales Rabbit is ready to take your sales to the next level! Watch your sales multiply like rabbits!

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