sales rabbit door to door sales appSales Rabbit: The Industry Standard Canvassing and Door to Door Sales App

It’s time for the door-to-door sales industry to get out of the dinosaur age. Replace your paper contracts, photocopied maps, clipboards and lead lists with a tablet and our award-winning app. Our door to door sales app is the only one on the market that works whether or not you’re connected to the Internet (called a “native app”). It’s the only one with industry-specific features. Get door to door tracking for your leads, assign areas, fill out digital contracts, and make sales presentations all from one place. Make sure that the sales reps you manage are working with GPS-based location tracking. Keep your reps motivated with real-time leaderboards and live messaging. Set automatic appointment reminders that sync with your calendar. Upload demographic data to cherry pick the best houses and skip the bad neighborhoods.

And find out why the entire D2D sales industry is hopping on-board! Join industry leaders like DishOne, Elite Home Security, Preventive Pest Control, Suncrest Solar and Winder Farms. See why storm restoration and roofing legend Lee Haight of Roofing Professionals of America uses and endorses our door-to-door sales app.

Satellite TV

Monitor the progress of each of your door to door Satellite TV sales reps using Sales Rabbit! To help your reps in face-to-face presentations, Sales Rabbit has a built-in Bill Calculator that compares your TV prices with the customer’s current provider.


Sales Rabbit simplifies the sales process for security salesmen! Reps have full visibility of their client list, and the level of interest of each potential home security customer. Managers can monitor sales progress throughout the day and update assignments in real-time! It’s perfect door to door sales app for home security and alarms.


In an industry as hot and competitive as Solar, Sales Rabbit door to door sales app helps you stay ahead of the game! Track all of your clients and reps’ progress within one efficient platform!

Pest Control

Selling and providing pest control services is much easier with Sales Rabbit. Our our door to door sales app and mobile platform helps managers to track of their reps, and reps to track their clients! The app even has a built-in bug directory for quickly verifying information on a pest!

Lawn Care

Sales Rabbit is an excellent tool for lawn care companies! Coordinate service appointments, draw sales routes, and keep tabs on each client with our simple software!


With Sales Rabbit, managers can quickly draw and assign routes for sales reps. Did a storm just hit a particular area? Map it out with our simple software! Your team views live updates on assignments, so each roofer and sales rep stays in the loop!

Political Canvassing

A key goal to any canvassing team is contacting large quantities of people. Input the status of each contact with Sales Rabbit. Our software tracks who you’ve already talked to, locations you need to revisit, and much more!

Other Industries

Don’t see your industry listed? Let’s change that! If there’s an industry that needs door to door tracking, you’ll like our app. Though the general Sales Rabbit app is powerful tool, Sales Rabbit works daily on developing new features, and customizing it to specific industries. Get an app tailored right to your company! You can find our door-to-door sales app on the Google Play store for Android or the door-to-door sales app on Apple App Store for iPhone.

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