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  • Douglas Mitchell, CEO

    I am a fairly new customer of sales rabbit, actually 6 months ago and could not be more happy with my purchase. I can tell they are from the industry because their product addresses many of the frustrations surrounding it head on including rep location, lead management and order processing. Their customer service is outstanding. Keep reading testimonials

Lead management as mobile as your sales reps are.

Forget about recording your leads on paper. As a cloud-based solution, the Sales Rabbit app can track your leads from any device, making them accessible anywhere.
Quickly input prospects, set appointments, plan follow-up meetings, get built in notifications, and rank prospects on
level of interest.

With Sales Rabbit, your lead tracking keeps up with your fast pace. Lead management becomes so easy that you will actually be motivated to use it!.

Get Tracking

Manage Your Sales Reps Anytime, Anywhere

You don’t have time to print out maps and draw routes for your sales reps. With Sales Rabbit, you can electronically create, draw, and assign areas to your reps. Monitor efficiency, success rates and communicate with team members as they work. Sales Rabbit gives supervisors ultimate flexibility from wherever you are!

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Real-Time Reporting Results

Gamify your sales with live statistics

Sales Rabbit’s Leaderboards identify your team’s top salesmen, keep the company connected, and challenge reps to peak performance!

Start Game-ifying!

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Connect with your team and maximize efficiency with our time-saving features: powerful dashboards, sales materials organization, e-contracts, and more!

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